Can Simple Words do this Man Justice?

You be the judge, do these words do justice to Michael Crossland and his presentation at the Back to the Future of Injury Management Conference:-
What an inspiration! Absolutely loved his presentation, funny, emotional and just changed my whole perspective on life.
Very articulate and inspirational – was able to use emotion effectively to add meaning.
Very inspirational – makes you reground yourself and think what your priorities are in life.
An inspirational man that gives himself to everyone, so much to learn from him and sharing his story is a gift to everyone who is fortunate enough to hear it.
He inspired me to be more thankful with what I have.
Inspiring – warmth – compassion – positivity
Made me refocus – Fantastic
Thanks for letting us know there was a happy ending when embarking on the journey of starting a family, Michaels ability to draw together significant lows with wonderful highs throughout his life was mesmerising. Thank you for sharing.
By far this was the most inspirational and emotional presentation I have ever seen! What a wonderful and remarkable man.
Very touched and inspired by Michaels story.
Very inspiring story
Amazing! Inspiring!
Gave me inspiration to find my true purpose.
Michaels ability to engage with his audience is unbelievable. He connects with everyone and helps you reflect on how you live your life.
Engaging and inspirational, great way to kick off the conference.
Wonderful, entertaining, positive person.
Very emotional and uplifting presentation.
Awe inspiring – if Michael can’t motivate you to face adversity no one would. Michael was so good that I spread his message when I got home.
Wow – awe inspiring and truly inspirational message.
Inspirational – not a dry eye in the house.
Engaging and uplifting story presented in an effective and articulate way. The presentation will stay with me for a long time to come.
The adversity that Michael has endured and overcome due to his positive attitude is very inspiring and to devote his life to helping others is very motivational.
Inspiring and Inspiring!
Absolutely amazing person, his ability to never give up is astounding.
Awesome and unforgettable, will be supporting his charity from now on!
Brilliant – will never forget inspiration. I bought the book – could not put it down last night.
One of the most engaging presentations I have ever had the privilege to be at, his attitude is so inspiring.
Inspiring talk, thanks for the book!
Very inspirational and puts perspective on how life can be led to its fullest… even through adversity.
Very inspirational. A good reminder to reflect, take stock and get some perspective. Thank you.
Michael’s story is very touching and I have learned so much from his story. I believe his story will inspire me when I feel down.
He should be cloned and put in every workplace.
Inspirational – makes you think how you can live a better life.
Inspirational!! Such an emotional and inspiring presentation.
I loved Michaels never give up perspective and the difference you can have in someone’s life without expecting something in return.
What an emotional rollercoaster of a life you have had – to stay above the line as you have is amazing.
Very authentic and genuine connection – a truly inspiring individual.
Fantastic!! Very inspiring. I loved the different emotions I went through from beginning to end.
Great story of perseverance. Very authentic.
His message was truly inspiring. Best presentation I have ever attended.
Words can not do the man any justice – just inspiring.
Very inspiring individual and my favourite presenter at the conference.
Amazing giver and contributor to life & love & hugging.
Everyone can no doubt say he was inspiring but that aside, Michael was engaging and still relatable. He made you really think about what was important.
Exceptionally engaging and captivating.
What an amazing speaker! I don’t think I have seen a room so captivated and engaged. What an amazing Human.
Made me appreciate all aspects of my life.
People still talking about the emotional rollercoaster. Definitely buying the book.
Great story and person. Very emotional presentation, I admire Michaels resilience and strength.
Has made me re-evaluate my life – Never give up
This was the most moving presentation I have heard at a conference and it is the first time I have cried during a presentation at a conference. Absolutely fantastic individual.
There letters W O W!
Inspirational – not a dry eye in the house.
Just wow. Something I need to remind myself of recently, life is short. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Think about what matters.
What an amazing man and an inspiration. Loved it all.

Thank you Michael from all that attended.

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The 2019 employer based injury management conference will bring together key stakeholders to present the essential elements required to improve injury management outcomes in the workplace. The topics will cover injury prevention, health, wellness, safety and rehabilitation from a holistic and practical perspective. Informative speakers from all relevant disciplines will be engaged to review the past and challenge the present to help you improve the future.