Our Thanks to Brant (Bugsy) North for one of the highlights of the conference.

Lots of positive feedback for Brant (Bugsy) North, an inspirational key note speaker that captured the audience’s attention and held them throughout his presentation. The Association of Self Insured Employers of Queensland would like to extend our thanks and appreciation to Bugsy for contributing so much to the conference. Here are some of the kind words from the audience:-

Bugsy was great. Heart felt and emotional
“Bugsy” – Determination – The power of positive thinking can do amazing things
“Bugsy” – Inspirational
‘Bugsy’s presentation was amazing, the courage and resilience is truly inspiring’
Brant North – love the ownership he took with aspects of his injury that he sustained. His drive to succeed and move forward regardless. Excellent description of choices and consequences.
Bugsy was inspirational – amazing young man
Really felt inspired by Bugsy
Thank you Bugsy, for the courage to share your story & learnings
Bugsy inspired me that you have a reason to live than there is no reason to quit
Bugsy North was an inspirational speaker. Great messages regarding Safety & Choices and Impacts
Brant (Bugsy) North’s presentation really hit home why we do what we do, and we have an obligation to get it right every time. Very powerful and inspiring.
Bugsy North – His positivity & acceptance of what has happened to him is amazing.
Brant North – Great to see the power of a positive attitude and ownership to move forward despite adversity.
‘Bugsy’ I don’t work in a high risk industry but strive to ensure that nobody I am responsible for goes through what you did. You gave me the motivation to better myself and those around me.
Bugsy North you are a very humble man and deserve every happiness in life.
Bugsy’s ability to ‘not blame’ was very inspiring – What bravery
Bugsy’s story demonstrates the power of resilience & strength
Bugsy was incredibly brave sharing his story and it was great to hear his firsthand experience.
Bugsy North was very engaging with his story and the way he demonstrated resilience.
Fantastic Presentation by Bugsy North – You’re a Legend!!
Brant North – awesome presenter. Very relevant and inspiring on the topic

Our Thanks to Bugsy!!

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The 2019 employer based injury management conference will bring together key stakeholders to present the essential elements required to improve injury management outcomes in the workplace. The topics will cover injury prevention, health, wellness, safety and rehabilitation from a holistic and practical perspective. Informative speakers from all relevant disciplines will be engaged to review the past and challenge the present to help you improve the future.